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Why choose Yahadi Web Mail

4 Choosing between 12 languages for the interface
4 Ability to choose your preferable theme (12 themes available)
4 Virus protection for incoming mails
4 Daily updated filters to ban pornography
4 Daily updated filters to ban spam.
4 Downloading other POP emails into your email
4 Blocking Techniques
4 Unlimited number of folders to be created
4 Rich Text Format support
4 English Spelling checker
4 Wide range of funny emoticons
4 Ability of Adding new
4 Track your message to ensure that the user read it
4 Virtual Keyboard for those who don't have Arabic keyboards
4 Unlimited number of attachments per email
4 Drafts Saving into drafts folder
4 Flexibility in choosing no. of messages that appear per page
4 Ability to Change password
4 Ability to edit personal information
4 E-Mail Signature
4 Calendar service
4 Auto Responding/Vacation Reply
4 Unlimited Contacts Address Book
4 Password Reminder
4 Online Help for the whole system
4 Unlimited email filters (Similar to Outlook message rules).
4 Arabic support without an Arabic operating system

Free E-mail for Everyone
There are some amazingly good reasons for you to use the Yahadi web mail system depending upon who you are:

Families - Keep your email private and personal. Don't share a common account with everyone else in your family. Your Yahadi account is located physically far from the home computer, it's password protected, and secure browsing prevents little sister from using the browser's Back button to read up on the email documentation of your love life.

Mobile Professionals - Get your email anywhere. On trips, on vacation or on the moon (not yet, but eventually). Yahadi can even pick up your email from your other accounts, so you're never out of touch with the important aspects of your career.

Students - Going home for the summer? Graduating? Time to change email addresses again! But not if you've signed up for a Yahadi account. It's the email address that lasts forever and goes anywhere you go.

Teachers - Need to stay in touch with your students, but unable to provide them with their own email accounts? Not anymore. Get them logged onto Yahadi, and they'll never miss an assignment or important notice from school.

Don't have your own computer? Not a problem. Yahadi is available to you via any Internet connection (web cafe, school lab, friend's computer, library). Why be behind the times just because a personal computer isn't available to you? Get your own email address. Everyone is doing it.

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