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 Yahadi browser is a powerful award winning multilingual web browser and designer. With Yahadi's powerful features you and your family will experience the web like never before.

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Password protected profiles system allows each family member to have his or her own personalized settings.


Protect your children’s surfing experience through a powerful site blocking and surf monitoring system.


Browse better with power features such as : one click site translation , Popup ads blocking , News bar , Search bar and one click e-mail access.


Don’t just browse the internet ! add contents to it with Yahadi site builder that allows you to design your own professional website and then upload it to the Internet.



* 29/11/2006 :Yahadi browser 4.5 is available now.
Click here for details
* 26/10/2005: The new version of Yahadi Browser is currently under development
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Yahadi won 8 prestigious awards over the past 3 years.


more than 40 articles has been written about it.


Interviewed and reviewed in 8 tv and 5 radio channels.


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