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* Total Control :                                                   

- Profiles System : allows each family member to have his or her own personalized password protected settings. Family members are divided into two groups : Administrators and regular users. Administrators can modify other users accounts and have more control options.

- Site Blocking System : This system is the main marketing feature of Yahadi browser, it allows four levels of protection for each family member individually. Parents can either make a white list , black list , block access to the proxy settings or block access to Internet Explorer.

- Surf Monitoring : The surf monitoring tools allows the parents to monitor the behavior and activities of family members individually. They can calculate the total usage time , the cost ,and  connect and disconnect times. They can even show and print a report of all of this.

- Available in six languages : Arabic-English now while: French-German-Spanish -Italian will be available by the end of 2004.

- Upgradeable : download additional skins - Templates - Languages and software updates

 Administrator control panel animated tutorial

Login Screen

Administrator Control Panel

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* Smart Browsing :                                                

- Skinning System : you can pick up a user interface from six available skins , each skin can be colored between 500 color degrees. Thus , creating a combination of over 3000 available choices. In addition , users can download and extra skins pack which adds more skins.

- Single Click E-mail Access : users can access their e-mail inbox in popular services such as : Hotmail – Yahoo! – Gawab – Naseej – Mail.com - Engineer.com – Arabia and Maktoob through a single click. No need to write the username and password each time to login.

- Power Search : users can search in 21 popular search engines like : Goolge – yahoo - AskJeves.com – Amazon - Ebay through the entering a search phrase in the toolbar directly.

- News Bar : users can show news headlines from 50 leading news service providers like : CNN – BBC – Times- Wallstreet Journal- Gamespot – Fortune and many others.

- Popup ads blocking : users have the choice to block the annoying popup ads that usually appears in free websites.

- Web site translation : users can translate any web site from and to : Arabic (Only Arabic requires a seperate subscription with Al Misbar service) - English - French - Spanish - Italian and German with a single click.

User Control Panel animated tutorial

Advanced Features animated tutorial

User Accounts Settings

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Site Blocking System

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* Unleash your creativity with the website designer:  

Using this tool, users can design their own websites quickly and easily without requiring any prior knowledge in scripting languages like HTML or ASP.

The process starts by choosing the site category : Personal – Commercial – Educational or generic. Then the user can choose one of 6 available templates or download additional ones from Yahadi website.

Next, the user choose the pages he wish to include in his website, he can also add interactive services like : Photo Album – Search Engine – Contact page. Those services usually require weeks of scripting in other programming languages. With Yahadi its available at the click of a button.

Finally the user can edit the contents of the pages he choose through a Word-like editor. Using this editor text can be easily colored and formatted. User can add images , tables, moving text, hyperlinks, video and audio clips.

When the website design is finished, the user can upload it to a web server to allow people to visit it.

Web Design animated tutorial

Yahadi Website Designer

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* Help and Technical Support :                          

-Interactive Help System : No more manuals to read. Just watch animated flash tutorials that explains all the aspects of Yahadi Browser.

Take a look at all the tutorials


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