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Here you can find frequently asked questions about Yahadi browser :

Q. Does Yahadi browser cause any kind of conflict with Microsoft Internet Explorer ?

A. No, Yahadi browser can work simultansoly with Microsoft Internet Explorer , in other words you can run them both together at the same time without problems . However , the adminstrator can optionally prevent any user from running Internet Explorer to avoid overriding the Suf monitoring and site blocking system in Yahadi.

Q. Do I have to uninstall any previous version of Yahadi browser before I install this new version 4?

A. Yes , you must uninstall any previous version of Yahadi browser before installing the new version.

Q. Can I use Plugins that work with Internet Explorer with Yahadi Browser ?

A. You can use famous plugins like : Adobe Acrobat Reader - Flash Player - Quick Time Player - Real ONE - Real Player .

Q. Can I run Yahadi browser on Windows 95 ?

A. No , You cannot run Yahadi browser on windows 95 .

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