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Yahadi project started back in 2001 as the first Arabic family-oriented web browser . Four versions of Yahadi have been released in the past years gaining over 100,000 Arabian users.

The project was designed by two Palestinian brothers "Ahmad(22 years old) and Adel(20 years old) Jadallah" who live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Jadallah brothers are working as one team where Ahmad deals with software Engineering , graphics and web design. While Adel is doing the coding of the project.

Ahmad is currently in his senior year at the American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and he studies the Bachelor of Information Technology - Application Development concentration.

Adel is currently studying computer engineering in the Mulimedia University (MMU) in Melaka, Malaysia.

The Jadallah brothers won the first place award in Saudi Arabia for six times in a row in computer programming and scientific production , whether the competitors were high school students , university students or companies ; The Jadallah brothers always won the first place award.


Later on , They won the 2002 Young E-Achievement  Award , which was presented by His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum. The crown prince of Dubai as the best student project in the Middle East. Finally, they won the Golden Web Award which is given to 100 websites worldwide in March 2001 .

The two brothers captured the attention of Media in the Middle east as 40 Magazine and newspaper articles and interviews has been made , 8 TV interviews and 5 radio stations. Putting the two brothers and the Yahadi browser in the spotlight all the time.

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